Various POS tools for Phonak

displaysolutions was commissioned by Phonak to redesign various POS tools. The task was to freshen up the colour reference palette, demo display and presentation tray for the company’s various hearing aids and to make them more user-friendly, while at the same time adhering to the existing corporate design.
Colour references:
The form of the colour references, which can be held behind the ear like a hearing aid, was kept as neutral as possible so that they do not resemble one specific device type and thus can be used for as many product lines as possible. The colour references, some of which are two-tone, were produced by injection moulding.
Demo display:
The display can be used for different product lines, because the picture on the rear panel is interchangeable. The rear panel is also coated with a thin sheet of metal so that the magnetic hearing aid samples can be easily attached.
Presentation tray:
The tray is used in the store to present hearing aids to the customer. This was also made by injection moulding from two moulds.

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