Sustainability in packaging

We at displaysolutions AG have intensively dealt with the topic of «sustainability». We found out that even the definition of «sustainability» is a matter of widely differing opinions.

However, many companies are taking the topic seriously and are driving forward developments with sustainable materials, as the following headlines from the media prove:

«A renewable fungus called Myzelium replaces the Styrofoam packaging at furniture giant Ikea»

«Swatch launches a new watch collection "1983" made of two new organic materials extracted from the seeds of the castor oil plant. To complete the picture, the watch brand has developed a biodegradable paper foam packaging»

«The new Luminox X Bear Grylls watch is made of recycled plastics fished from the oceans»

The list could be extended by many more examples. This proofs that it is possible to completely replace plastics bybiological materials. With a little courage to change our habits and to develop new ideas and innovations we can create products that are better for our environment.

We have put the focus of sustainability especially on packaging because we see the greatest potential there. It is important that we have the whole product cycle in mind.

Design: We create intelligent packaging and reduce it to a minimum. Dimensions are adapted to the product, thus using fewer resources.

Material: There is a wide range of sustainable materials. We distinguish between materials made from renewable or recycled raw materials.

Production: We prefer local production, considering local raw materials. We make an effort, to use materials that are as light as possible.

Logistics: We rely on short transport routes and ecological means of transport such as train connections and, from 2022, electrically powered transport ships.

Recycling: To complete the product cycle we offer our service and support to advise you on the recycling of packaging.

Would you also like to optimise your packaging or POS material sustainably?

Please contact us and arrange anappointment so that we can advise you on sustainably produced packaging or POS material.


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