SAFETY POINT - the clever disinfection solution for your POS

Hands are our most important tool, without them nothing works in everyday life. With our hands we understand the world. But, at the same time, this is also a big problem in times like these. Because our hands are potential carriers of a wide variety of germs, bacteria and viruses. And the new Corona virus is one of them. Most people get infected via droplet infections. But the Corona virus, like other germs, can survive on surfaces for up to several days. If hands remain unwashed, it often does not take long for the germs to enter the body. Doctors and especially virologists are therefore currently calling for special attention to hand hygiene. This means that we need to wash our hands regularly to protect us against the Corona virus, but also against all other possible germs. However, water and soap are not available everywhere and at all times. Clever solutions are needed that reliably ensure clean hands without a great deal of effort: SAFTEY POINT is a versatile disinfection solution for safe and quick handling at the POS. Whether disinfection stands or stations for your shop or disinfectant dispensers for your sales floor - the choice is yours!

One solution, several services

SAFETY POINT impresses with its elegant design and meets a wide range of requirements at the POS: It can be equipped with mask and/or paper towel dispensers and/or a waste bin. Logos and advertising messages can also be applied individually and customer-specific. For use in retail, where mobility is particularly important, the convenient, flexible version on four castors is ideal. Noble and easy-care surface materials, e.g. brushed stainless steel, coated chipboard or composite panels, ensure long-term benefits and meet even the highest demands of your customers at the POS. Thanks to its individual design, SAFETY POINT fits perfectly into every shop and store interior and is the optimal solution for your Corona protection concept at the POS. You can obtain SAFETY POINT in various designs from displaysolutions AG.

Contributing to the good health of your customers is to preserve yours and your business - thanks to SAFETY POINT.

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